SnoPy - SNOBOL Pattern Matching for Python

SnoPy is a Python extension which supports SNOBOL pattern matching. This is my first release of this package.

Are you less than ecstatic over regular expressions? Do you have a problem getting the right number of back slashes? Would you like a more powerful facility that is easier to learn than regular expressions? Are you eager to be the first on your block with an extension written in Ada? Would you like to be part of a movement to resurrect a great old idea left to die? Want to see a working program built with lex and yacc? If so, this may be for you.

Seriously, SNOBOL pattern matching is very powerful and easy to learn. You can get started very quickly. Like many things, when pushed to the extreme is both awesome and difficult. But for almost everything you want to do it is simple to learn and truly impressive.

Systems Supported

Currently SnoPy runs on Linux.


Installation is pretty easy. To make the shared library you will need to have SWIG and gnat. If you want you can try the linux shared object included. Just copy two file to the right place.


Users Guide


To download SnoPy, go to the Summary Page from which you can download the most recent version. There is all manner of interesting information there and it is still easy to find the download stuff.

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I am Don Rozenberg. Please feel free to contact me with any problems or comments.

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